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The perfect place for adventure and unforgettable experiences.

We advise you with the best destinations to know in the region and so you can enjoy a stay of excellence.


Casa Tavera invites you to visit Yucatan, a magical place that invites you to connect with peace and love enjoying unknown places.

Immerse yourself in emblematic places, discovering the delicious food, enjoying the nature, history and culture of Yucatan.


Mérida is a city that is characterized by the hospitality of the people, always willing to help the traveler find their way, Its emblematic parks have for you years of history in architecture that contrast with the entire area of Mérida, such as the Paseo Montejo, a modern avenue whose design and construction was inspired by the Champs Elysees in Paris, France.


You can go to Yucatan before or after the end of the world, according to a popular saying. And the truth is that just mentioning it, suggests a space where the culture of its people and their roots, are lost in time and are confused in the history of their miscegenation in the ancient Yucatán lands.

The Yucatán cuisine, recognized in Mexico and the world, is largely a result of its former isolation from the rest of the country and its constant treatment, through its ports, with Europe, Cuba and New Orleans.


The Yucatan Peninsula is a world-famous destination for being home to one of the most enigmatic and millenary cultures that exist in the world today: the Mayan culture. Today, there are many and varied community tourism projects that have decided to share their legacy and rich cultural heritage with avid visitors to learn about the still alive traditions of this ancient civilization, which still holds many secrets inherited from their ancestors.

Casa Tavera suites

At casa tavera you will find the perfect escape to disconnect from the world and connect with your being by resting in one of the best hotels in the city.

Colors, aromas, textures and love define each of our 7 suites which will transport you to a magical place, offering serenity and comfort.